Why Millionaires Take This Farmer’s Warning Seriously

This small farm owner in South County, Maryland isn’t a PhD in economics or a market maker on Wall Street.

But that didn’t stop a crude video he made about the US economy from going viral.

The video-made using powerpoint and a cheap microphone-was not released to any major media outlet. He simply put it online and let its powerful-and disturbing-message do the rest.

30 Year Study of US Economy Ends in Chilling Warning

It details a flaw in how the US economy operates. One that appeared when the US switched over to a new type of economic structure around 30 years ago. Because it wasn’t even immediately a problem, only a small group of similar people-like this Maryland farm owner-ever paid any attention to it.

But today, they are finally sounding the alarm…

Now regular Americans are waking up to the reality that our economy is about to change in a big way… because of a feature no one has ever told them about… and defect that they never knew existed.

According to the video, this event will impact daily life in a variety of ways, from how you pay for your food, and gas… to how you retire and provide for your family…

Of course, many have expressed skepticism about taking a small farm owner seriously.

But here’s what stops the skeptics in their tracks:

A closer look at who this man is reveals that he isn't just an ordinary farmer.

He has co-authored at least three New York Times best-sellers on economics.

In the late 90s, he produced one of the first “blogs” on the Internet – and he was perhaps the very first blogger to talk about fiscal policy. In that time, he also predicted the gold boom of the 2000s (when gold shot up over 500%), well before it happened.

Before that in the mid 80s, he led a grassroots movement that nearly succeeded in amending the US constitution to prevent the government from borrowing too much money.

Head Of The Largest Underground News Network In The World

And all this time, working from an old laptop, he has been running the largest underground news and research network in the world – with 2.4 million subscribers, reaching people on every continent except Antarctica.

Of course, you’d never know it from meeting him. He is famous for never admitting just how influential he is.

Turns out, his work has received accolades from public figures like NYU professor and author of Black Swan Nassim Nicholas Taleb, political theorist Lew Rockwell, and Congressman Ron Paul.

Economist Dr. Marc Faber, editor of the famous Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report once described this man as “a man who is not afraid to tell the truth” and added: “I’m seldom jealous of anybody but I truly envy [his] writing and intellectual skills.”

Yet, true to himself, when this man released his warning he didn’t bother with press releases or a speech.

The fact that it went viral highlights just how shocking-and convincing-the case is for what’s about to come…

If he is correct, we will see at least short term shortages of food, gas, and other necessities… even cash dollars are expected to become very difficult to find…

But most startling of all is what all this means for investments, retirement accounts, and income generating bonds.

This rural farm owner’s warning is especially urgent for Americans living in suburbs and cities. He explains in the video that they will be the worst hit by what’s about to happen.

Thousands of Americans are already taking a single important step in getting prepared.

And once you see why, you will not want to wait.

Like I said, this presentation is not fancy, nor will you find it featured on any major media outlet. But it’s powerful-and disturbing-message is a must see for anyone who cares about the future of our country.

Here’s what people have been saying about it:

“While nothing is guaranteed, the future you present seems to be the logical conclusion to current macroeconomic trends. Bill does a great job of demonstrating this in a rational and humorous way.”
-Joe W.

“At last, someone that sounds like they truly believe what they are saying. A breath of fresh air amidst so many flailing, flatulent, gasbags.”

-Brian B

“The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I read about the ATMs. I live in Rhode Island and we had that exact situation happen in 1990. All banks and credit unions were closed. Some a lot longer than others and some just never opened up again. People lost thousands of dollars.”

-L Marrone