Warnings these 6 Former U.S. Presidents Might Give Donald Trump

The true stories of 6 Presidents who inherited disaster…Why Trump is about to join their ranks…And the one thing you should do right now…

From MoneyWise Staff – Delray Beach, FL

Could democrats be engineering a “Trump Shock”?

The former head of a highly influential DC lobbying group thinks so. And history shows he’s right to be concerned.

Crisis has a strange habit of hitting during the first few months of a new president’s term.

Think 9/11…the Civil War…the 1929 stock market crash…the 1800s depression…and many more.

And it’s not always just bad luck.

Here are the worst examples of disasters inherited by a new US president…And the shocking facts that point to a crisis for President Trump after he takes office in January (including the one precaution you should take right now)…

1. How Democrats Kept Republicans Out of Office For 20 Years

In 1928, republican Herbert Hoover won the Presidency in one of the biggest landslides in history. Nearly the entire map went red. But the optimism was not to last.

Years earlier Woodrow Wilson – a democrat – had overseen the flooding of America with a new economic “miracle”: cheap credit. The artificial boom that followed certainly didn’t hurt Wilson’s legacy.

Yet shortly into Hoover’s first term, on a Tuesday in September, the stock market crashed. Traders on the floor of the stock exchange were yelling “sell” so loudly, they didn’t even hear the opening bell.

The banking system then largely shut down, and would not return to normal operation until after Hoover lost the presidency to Franklin Roosevelt.

Blindsided by the ensuing Great Depression, the Republicans would not return to power for 20 years.

2. He Took Office in January. That September The US Was Attacked

During the Clinton years, there had been several terrorist attacks on Americans. Yet, Bill Clinton rejected four separate proposals to kill or capture Bin Laden.  Meanwhile, according to a former CIA director, he effectively gutted the Agency, hamstringing its ability to operate.

By the time George W. Bush took office, most of the hijackers were already in the US. On September 11th they struck.

3. First Term President Hit with America’s First Depression

James Monroe, the last of the founding fathers to serve as President, came into office in what was known as the “Era of Good Feelings.”

Little did he know, the “good feelings” were a result of fraud.

The newly created Second Bank of the United States had been inflating the economy, creating a boom for Monroe’s predecessor James Madison.

The inevitable crash hit during James Monroe’s first term.  Nearly a third of all money in the United States disappeared as if into a black hole. Property values fell off a cliff. In the West, people reverted to a barter system using grain and whisky.

As one historian put it: “the Bank was saved, and the people were ruined.”

4. A Month into His Presidency, A Nation Divided

Many people don’t realize that the Southern states actually began leaving the Union during the Presidency of James Buchanan. Yet, he mostly did nothing.

By the time Republican Abe Lincoln assumed office, the collapse of the Union was too far gone to reverse.

The Civil War began just one month later. 620,000 men would die, or 2% of America’s population.

5. How Bush Got Blamed for the Financial Meltdown of ‘08

Bill Clinton won the 1992 election with one phrase: “it’s the economy stupid.”

Once in office, he made good on his campaign promises by juicing the economy with cheap debt. Regulators strong-armed banks to make risky loans. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were told to expand their share of low quality debt from 30% to 50%.  Rule changes lowered down-payments from the normal 20% to just 3%, and finally to 0%.

It worked out well for Clinton. He left office with a high approval rating.

But you can only create fake wealth for so long. George W. Bush could not reverse years of outrageous debt expansion. The collapse that followed gave him one of the lowest outgoing presidential ratings in history…

6. The Truth About The “Nixon Shock”

We all know the “Nixon Shock” was triggered when Nixon ended the gold standard in August 1971.

But the name is misleading.

“Nixon’s action was preordained by what LBJ had done three and half years earlier,” explains The National Interest, an international affairs journal chaired by Henry Kissinger.

It was Johnson who had actually unhooked the dollar from gold, then flooded the world with fiat money. Nixon was then forced to protect US gold supply by closing the gold window.

And that’s not all. Johnson also had an inside man within the Nixon administration. The man who persuaded Nixon to act in a secret meeting held at Camp David was none other than John Connally… later described by Texas Monthly as Lyndon Johnson’s “most trusted political operative.”

What happened next? Extreme inflation…an executive order (#11615) that instituted a freeze on wages, rents, and prices for 30 days…for the first time, America had trouble keeping up with the rest of the world…

That Johnson was able to pass the blame onto Nixon was nothing short of political miracle work.

Interestingly, at least one expert fears we could very well see a repeat of the “Nixon Shock”…

And there may not be much our new President can do about it…

7. Did You Really Think They’d Let Trump Get Away With This?

“The first few months of Trump’s presidency are going to be very difficult for regular Americans,” explains a former DC lobbyist from Baltimore, MD.

“I expect more violence similar to what we saw in Oakland after the election. I also expect to see big disruptions in our food and gas supplies…and even a severe cash shortage.”

When asked why he clarifies:

“It’s not Trump’s fault. But you have to understand there are deep trends at work here. Ones that cannot easily be reversed. I’ve been watching them for some time now.”

The former lobbyist – now a multi-millionaire businessman and the author of several best-sellers on economics – expects a sudden and severe change in how our economy is structured…

One that will ripple out through every layer of American life.

And his evidence – released online in a video – is surprisingly strong.

So could the democrats really be engineering a “Trump Shock”?

Here are a couple of telling facts:

1.  According to official records, Obama has been busy safeguarding his legacy by executive order. In fact, he has added a record number of new regulations to the Federal Register…

To pay for them he has issued trillions of dollars’ worth of a special type of loan contract…millions of which will come due in the first few months of Trump’s first term.

2.  The head of the SEC, a democrat named Mary Jo White, just resigned with three years left on her term. By doing that, she put all of Obama’s market regulations on the chopping block. And it’s not like Trump could have fired her. He doesn’t have the power to do that.

Is it possible she knows something we don’t?

The former lobbyist who alerted us to this story explains that there’s an ugly truth about the US economy that most Americans simply aren’t aware of…

And, no he’s not talking about the national debt.

In a recent video, he can be seen urging all Americans to at least take one crucial step in protecting their wealth and families from what is coming.

As a grandfather and businessman, he has personally spent millions protecting both his family and business. Many of his richest friends have done the same.

Yet he stresses Americans of ALL income levels can – and should – take action to protect themselves from the coming shock.

“You do NOT have to be wealthy to get ahead of this thing. It’s actually not expensive at all. You can do it for less than the cost of your monthly cable bill,” he says.

To see his video message for yourself just click here. So far it has already garnered more than 2 million views.

who is this man? And why should we take him seriously?

As it turns out, he owes his fortune to an underground news and research network he founded back in 1979, after losing his taste for life in Washington.

Created in partnership with an Oxford scholar and the former head of England’s BBC, the network he founded is not a traditional media outlet.

Its work lies in exposing and predicting huge movements in markets and current affairs, well before they happen.
While that might sound fanciful, their track record is actually unmatched. In fact, the network now has over 2.6 million subscribers, rivaling the New York Times and Wall Street Journal in readership.

Meanwhile, this millionaire’s work has received accolades from public figures like NYU professor and author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, political theorist Lew Rockwell, and Congressman Ron Paul.

Economist Dr. Marc Faber once described him as “a man who is not afraid to tell the truth” and added: “I’m seldom jealous of anybody but I truly envy [his] writing and intellectual skills.”

We recommend you watch his video right away. For the moment it is still available for free online. However, with recent crackdowns by Facebook and Google against opposition websites, we don’t know how long that will last.

And trust us, you don’t want to be the last American to see it…

Comments from viewers of this video:

“I have told every client to have emergency cash on hand. The bridge is out ahead.” – Jon, Registered Investment Advisor

“As a longtime career banker, I know how corrupt the system is…This has confirmed…my experiences over the past 20 years.” – Samuel T

“The so-called leaders are anything but. You have to look after yourself the best you can.” – Nance C

“This information was really eye opening. Will help me make some serious adjustments to my lifestyle and future plans.” – Chris F

“The Good Book says perilous times in the latter days. God almighty is active now and giving us some signs to shape up this country.” – Matthias P

“It’s better to know and be prepared than having my head in the sand…Keepin lots of cash.” Kevin O