Rancher Warns Trump (beware April 12)

On April 12th, a disturbing book will be sent to the White House.

It holds vast implications for this country, our economy, and Trump’s hopes of being re-elected in 2020.

The book comes from a 68 year old Maryland native, and counsellor to governments, politicians, and businesses all over the world.

He has worked on presidential campaigns and met with everyone from Margaret Thatcher to Ron Paul (a close friend), to most recently the former head of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan.

The CEOs of two multi-million dollar financial research companies once credited their success almost entirely to knowing this man (and getting access to his wisdom).

He once went to Eastern Europe to serve as an economic advisor after the fall of the Soviet Union. He encouraged the adoption of freedom and private property.

In Central America, he helped the Nicaraguan government bring medical care to the poor. They were so thankful that they made him their honorary consul to Europe.

Back here in the US, he once used his wealth to buy up and renovated an entire section of his hometown. The mayor honored him with a city ambassadorship.

Yet, if you asked him he would downplay his own success and connections.

As Worth Magazine once described him in a profile:

“Meet Bill Bonner…a quiet and gentle man – idolized by staffers, liked and admired even by competitors… The sense of for real begins with Bonner’s earnestness…uncomfortable with the notion of success”

On April 12th this same man will send some rather disturbing findings to the White House.

The findings – contained within a 220-page book – will detail an important change coming to your way of life...

One brought on by a type of financial event not seen in this country since before the Civil War.

This book is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Not only does it reveal some very uncomfortable truths about our economy like…

– The eerie reason our cash dollars no longer have “Legal Tender Note” written on them (they did for nearly 100 years)

– How the Federal Reserve will begin “nationalize” billions of financial and real assets like stocks and bonds (central banks in Japan are already doing this)

– And many more…

It also contains unique ideas regular Americans can use to protect themselves from what’s coming. Things like…

– 11 gold and cash alternatives (and what to do if gold is confiscated like in 1933)

– How to store money (no paper trail) in an anonymous dollar account (without using bitcoin or logging onto some website you can’t trust. These are actually available at some pharmacies.)

– The only legal way we know of to never pay taxes again to the federal government (it all depends on where you live)

You will find the facts within this report truly incredible. They are all true.

What’s more, this entire book is now available for the general public online at a special website. You can find out how to access it here (PLUS see a sneak peek of the book itself)

Or simply CLICK HERE for the full story now.

Fair warning: you may not be ready for what you’re about to learn concerning the US economy… Washington…and a financial meltdown six times bigger than 2008…