Dairy Farmer Suspected Of Money Laundering Loses $63,000

You may not think the IRS is out to get you, but consider this recent story from the Washington Post. Richard Severson – a 61-year-old farmer from Maryland – earned his living selling milk and eggs at farmers’ markets throughout Fredericks County. The business left him with lots of cash. And naturally, he decided to […]

The Case for Outlawing Cash

September is here. As expected, market volatility is increasing. The Great Zombie War is intensifying. And investors are getting scared. Yesterday, the Dow lost 470 points – a nearly 3% drop.

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Things are just not the same anymore between me and my man

Or, you can put in the same effort and go faster! Enhanced Visibility: Cyclists can be hard to spot out on the road. Recumbent trikes are even harder due to their height. But what driver can say they didn’t see a 3 meter long red, black and white missile hurtling down the road at 45 […]

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Silicone toys can be expensive by comparison because they can

If you’ve ever been going to town on yourself with your favorite sex toy only to think “this would be so much better if it were festooned with a cartoonish likeness of my own head,” you’re apparently not alone. For just $88, you can upload a picture of yourself, and the makers of Wobbling Willy […]

Why the Government Hates Gold

Owners of Greek stocks are discovering that their equity stakes aren’t as valuable as they believed. But for every seller there is a buyer… Sellers are losing money. Buyers believe they are getting a bargain.

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But I am the greatest at work when I am on pills

First of all, let me just get this out of the way. I’m not always going to give up my boipussy every time because quite frankly their are just some days it ain’t gonna happen due to something I ate the night before or not timing my bowel movements right. It’s just the way it […]

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Wishaw SportSpringhill Boxing Club enjoy another excellent

Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Kenneth MacKenzie was found dead by fire crews called out to the property in Strond Road Cheap Jerseys from china, Leverburgh, on the Isle of Harris at around 2.15pm yesterday.Crews discovered just 1.5 square meters of fire damage in the property in Leverburgh, on the […]

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If you have a container of gas

is this last shot for lowry to advance in nba playoffs canada goose coats https://www.2019canadagooseoutlet.com on sale In many representations of Lakshmi you will see canada goose outlet two elephants flanking her, spraying water. The elephants represent royalty, in Hindu symbolism elephants also remove obstacles. Her upper hands are holding perfect lotus flowers. I would […]