Will Trump Do What Reagan Couldn’t?

As we predicted, Americans got the president they deserved. Now, “no dream is too big.” No nightmare is out of bounds, either.

Dow futures fell as much as 800 points as news spread and investors thought the end of the world had come.

But here at the Diary, we were serene. We had mocked both candidates… and mooned the sacred rite of democracy – the election itself.

President Obama’s Alternate Universe

In President Obama’s version of history, the last eight years have been a Golden Age for America. Here’s what happened in his alternate universe: …a more durable, growing economy; new private-sector jobs since early 2010; rising wages, falling poverty, and the beginnings of a reversal in inequality

The Show Must Go On, Alas

This year’s film, Election Showdown of 2016, was meant to have the same kind of end-of-life-as-we-know-it tension – resolving itself, of course, in a stirring triumph for the American Way.

Would Jesus Vote?

We closed our eyes. We tried to imagine it. But we couldn’t picture Jesus Christ in the voting booth. Would he really hold his nose? For whom would he cast his ballot? And why would he cast a ballot at all, if he had to hold his nose to do it?

Is The Supreme Court Is up for Grabs?

The Supreme Court backed the feds. Supreme Court Justice James Wilson declared western Pennsylvania “in a state of rebellion,” authorizing the use of force to put down the insurgents.

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

First, we would like to apologize for all the insightful and well-informed things we have written about you. But please keep in mind the context in which those remarks were made. Honestly, we think you’re tremendous. Tremendous. We love you. You are an imbecile, it’s true. But at least you are not a conniving, power-grasping, finger-pointing harpy.

RIP Conservative America

We are witnessing the meltdown of the Republican Party, caused by the intense heat of its own contradictions. The old conservatives considered government a “necessary evil.” But like heroin or Facebook, they knew it reaches the point of declining marginal utility fast. That is the message that won Ronald Reagan the White House in 1980 and again in 1984: Less is more.

Who Still Supports Trump?

Fake money, fake statistics, fake interest rates – they’ve created an economy where the Trump voter has less real income.

They know they have been bamboozled. They count on Donald to do something about it.

The Baby Boomer Survival Guide

You are 70. You have no money. What do you do?
Sell your body for medical experiments? Invent a new app?
Try a sophisticated trading system or an expensive investment program, hoping to get rich quick?

The Banks Are Running Out Of Cash

Men are locking up their wives and daughters. Lines are forming at gas stations… The convenience store down the road is being cleaned out.

Even the banks are running out of cash.