Media Censored This Rancher. But What If He’s Right?


Why would Business Insider, MSN, and other corporate media outlets be censoring a 68-year old rancher?

Perhaps it has to with his revelations about disturbing forces at work in America right now.

After all, this isn’t just some guy with a theory. This rancher has written three New York Times best-sellers on economics…

…that government agencies along with entire nations have sought him out for help…

In fact, the companies he built and nurtured before “retiring” to his ranch are now valued at well over one billion dollars.

Yet, when he chose to speak out about something the media has not been reporting…he found that he had been banned from several important news outlets.

It all goes back to 2015, when this rancher recorded a crude video that went viral – getting well over 2 million views online. In that video he made some startling predictions: coming civil unrest, cash dollars rising dramatically in value, and big changes ahead for America

So far he’s been right…you’ve seen the politically motivated attacks in our streets…the riots in our big cities…dollars soaring in value…

Just recently, this rancher released a follow-up about what comes next…

What’s at stake, he believes, is nothing less than your way of life, your government, your money…and American culture itself.

Yet, when he went to share his message with the American public, he found that MSN, Business Insider, and at least 34 other outlets (including the owner of a major TV network) had blocked him from sharing any content at all.

Unwilling to let himself be censored, he posted his new message on a private server.

For how long it will remain up, we don’t know. Frankly, it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

This is a man whose previous work has received acclaim from such figures as famed investor Marc Faber, NYU professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Ron Paul, and Lew Rockwell.

His work has been written about in Zero Hedge, Worth Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, and The New York Times.

His name has appeared next to that of billionaire investor Warren Buffett in the Financial Times.

Yet, when he tried to tell some uncomfortable truths, he found himself suddenly silenced.

And when you see his revelations for yourself, it will be obvious why…

While many Americans are distracted by protestors, healthcare, and allegations about Russia…this man is pointing to a growing threat that no one’s talking publicly about.

And it’s all coming to a sudden and disturbing conclusion…far earlier than anyone could expect.

We urge you to silence your phone, turn off the TV, and see this for yourself right now.

By the time this makes the news it will be too late for you to protect yourself.

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