Silicon Valley Millionaire Predicts: “Big Changes Coming for U.S. Banking System, Starting February 2018”

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If you have money in a U.S. bank account, this may be the most important message you will ever read.

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According to Jeff Brown – a Silicon Valley insider with a remarkable track record of investment success – evidence suggests a new government mandate expected in February 2018 could create a series of sweeping changes to the U.S. banking system, changing the way the money in your bank account is handled forever.

Forbes reports: “Banks, financial institutions, and many others are adopting this technology faster than anticipated.”

And Goldman Sachs has stated:

“From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, technologists and investors alike are buzzing about the potential for this technology to revolutionize… well, everything.”

But the big news isn’t what it means for the future of banking – but what it could mean for your financial future, if you invest in the tech companies behind this big breakthrough now…

You see, more than 90 central banks across the world have invested in this technology – which may make transactions faster, easier, cheaper, and more secure.

But a conservative Harvard academic estimates this technology will soar 1,500% – creating $7 trillion in new wealth for investors.

One of the stars of ABC’s Shark Tank and a former Goldman Sachs partner have committed an estimated $350 million+ to this surprising new tech breakthrough, calling it “the best investment of my life.

According to Jeff Brown, Silicon Valley insiders are already calling this: “The greatest profit opportunity since the birth of the internet.

And early investors who have positioned themselves to profit from this trend have already seen rare returns of 5,947%, 12,813%, 19,990%, and 264,753% – with even more possible when the expected new mandate from the Trump Administration is announced in February.

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Then, in January 2016, Jeff was invited to speak at a private conference for a small group of wealthy people.

He discussed one tiny tech stock most people had never heard of…

The organizer of the conference actually poked fun at the recommendation. But that company went on to rocket from $25 to $206 a share… and it was the #1 performing stock on the S&P 500 in 2016.

More recently, Jeff accurately predicted that Apple’s new iPhone would include 3-D sensing, augmented reality, and wireless charging features… two months before Apple officially announced these new features to the rest of the world…

And Jeff recommended four ways to profit, giving folks two months’ head start to position themselves to make a fortune.

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