Baltimore Firm Has Scary Record of Predicting World Events…


40 years ago, three men – a DC lobbyist, an Oxford scholar, and the former head of England’s BBC – came to Baltimore to form a strange kind of news company: one that wouldn’t actually report the news at all.

Instead, they would employ analysts, former politicians, retired government agents, and journalists to study world events, economics, and finance… and attempt to predict major world trends.

It sounds crazy but they’ve been so successful at doing this that they now make hundreds of millions of dollars selling their predictions and analysis to a private network of subscribers.

You won’t believe some of the events they’ve predicted…well before they happened (and you’ll be shocked at what their leader is predicting now…)

#1. “The Soviet Empire Will Break Apart”

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The year was 1987. An entire generation of Americans had grown up taking cover under their school desks during nuclear attack drills. The USSR was thought to be at the height of its power…

Yet that same year, this Baltimore news and research firm came to the exact opposite conclusion, writing: “the same megapolitical forces of decentralization that broke up the European empires are doing their work [on the USSR]… the Soviet Empire will inevitably break apart…”

Three years later the USSR began to disintegrate. In 1991, the Soviet flag over Moscow was lowered for the last time…

#2. Japan: The Next World Superpower?

In the 1980s, American movies and TV shows depicted a future of neon signs and product names in Japanese rather than English.

And for the good reason. Japanese companies were buying up famous US buildings like Rockefeller Center, as well as our movie studios, and our most cherished brands (like Firestone Tires).

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Yet, this same news and research network, still operating out of Baltimore, Maryland, released a message to their private customers saying: “Watch for a collapse in the Japanese stock market”

Just months later the world watched in horror as Japanese stocks lost nearly all their value. Japan has never recovered.

#3. The Men Who Predicted 9/11

In 1993, a terrorist arrived in New York City posing as an Iraqi refugee. US immigration allowed him to settle in New Jersey while awaiting his asylum hearing.

There he assembled a 1,500 lb bomb which he left in a truck parked under the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The explosion would knock over the North Tower, sending it crashing into the South Tower.

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But although the bomb ripped through five floors of reinforced concrete, and resulted in six deaths, superior American engineering held the day. People heaved a sigh of relief that the worst had been avoided…

But down in Maryland, one group felt otherwise. In 1993, they warned: “the rise of Islam… could be the biggest threat to world peace in the next two decades,” and added this chilling warning: “the bomb at New York’s World Trade Center [is] just a small taste of what’s to come.”

#4. Calling the Exact Day of the Dot Com Crash

Before March 10th, 2000 any stock with “dot com” in its name was a sure bet. It was the era of the “” Super Bowl ad and record-setting IPOs.

Yet, the very same group in Baltimore warned, on March 10th, 2000, that a “day of reckoning” was on hand for tech stocks…

That exact day marked the beginning of the Dot-Com stock crash. The NASDAQ lost 77% of its value.

#5. The Second War in Iraq

As Bush Sr. smashed through Saddam Hussein’s tanks – which had grown so hot under the desert sun that they became easy targets for heat-seeking missiles – it was clear the Gulf War would be a certain victory for the United States.

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Yet, as the oil fields burned, forecasters in Baltimore saw a dark cloud emerge.

They wrote: “In the aftermath of Operation Desert Storm and the opening of Arab-Israeli peace talks, it has become fashionable to speak of a ‘new world order’ in which peace will presumably be maintained by UN coalitions and American high technology.

“Regrettably, nothing could be less likely. The next Mideast war will be far more destructive than the one concluded last year. And chances are it will break out much sooner than expected.”

Almost exactly 11 years later, US forces returned to Iraq.

But the prediction didn’t stop there… They also wrote that this next war: “will wreck the economies of the developed world.”  A decade later, they would realize they were right again…

#6. The Mortgage Meltdown and the ’08 Crisis

In 2003, an article from this organization warned of a housing bubble forming: “Until now, houses have generally increased in price. Nothing says they have to…”

That same year, New York Magazine mocked such forecasts, writing: “Housing bubble? What housing bubble? The signs are in place for a further run-up in real estate. Breathe easy mortgage holders.”

UPDATE: Major Flaw In US Economy Still Threatens

Undaunted, the forecasters in Baltimore raised the alarm of a coming crash: “something is smoldering in the mortgage-lending market, and the heart of fire is on the balance sheet of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.”

But the media were still in denial. A column in the Wall Street Journal countered: “These nattering nabobs expect a housing collapse to take down the US economy. But excessive pessimism is unwarranted: fears of a housing bubble are overblown.”

The housing market proceeded to collapse and cause the worst recession since the Great Depression.

#7...Their Next Shocking Prediction

So if this one group has been right so many times… and if they now rival the biggest mainstream media companies in the world…

Why have you never heard of them?

It’s because they believe in operating privately, and reserve their high level work for a vast underground network of 2.4 million private subscribers.

Recently, the reclusive head of this group-a millionaire economist, author, and father of six-released a shocking new prediction… and it’s a revelation so urgent he has made his warning public for all Americans rather than reserving it for private subscribers…

Over the coming months, his evidence suggests we are about to see a severe disruption in how the US economy operates…

It could force several major American companies-whose products you use every single day-into bankruptcy…

It will cause break downs in the complex supply chains that put food in your grocery story and gas in your gas station…

And precipitate widespread shortages of many goods… including cash dollars (which he expects will be very difficult to find).

Footage from his warning-which has not yet been released by any major media outlet-is now available online.

…It will change how you look at our economy, our country, and the very dollars you think you have in your bank account.

Click here to watch it now.

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