Why Are Germans Stockpiling Food and Cash?

In the financial world…

The U.S. stock market continues to dillydally, with no clear destination.

These are the “dog days” of summer: hot… slow… with little happening. But there are evil portents… and fevers to come.

In Italy, an earthquake has killed 10 people…

Here in France, the gendarmes in Nice have forced a woman on the beach to remove her “burkini.”

Wearing it, she was obeying Muslim law. But the city of Nice… along with 14 other local authorities… requires her to obey their secular law. One law says she must cover up; the other says she must uncover.

And the German government is now advising its citizens to prepare for “emergencies.”

As reported in German newspaper the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, for the first time since the Cold War, Germans are being urged to stock food, medical supplies and, significantly, cash.

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And Deutsche Welle, Germany’s equivalent of the BBC, elaborated:

A wad of cash is another important part of any household’s emergency supplies. There may not be time to rush to a bank, and ATMs won’t work if the power is out.

It’s part of a “civil defense” plan being debated in the German cabinet. The plan says people should prepare for an unspecified event that “could threaten our existence.”

Here at the Diary, we always hope for the best. But it’s not a bad idea to take precautions against the worst.

Note that a mystery hacker group known as the Shadow Brokers, breached the NSA’s elite hacking unit and stole some of the agency’s most powerful “cyber weapons.”

The hacker group is now holding a Bitcoin auction for them. Whoever is the highest bidder will receive a file with the crypto-booty.

UPDATE: Major Flaw In US Economy Still Threatens

If mercenary hackers can break into one of the most secure systems in the world, couldn’t they also breach the electronic money system and wipe out all bank account records?

Our advice: Follow the Germans’ lead. Stock some food and some cash.

Further Reading: You won’t read about it on the news. But behind the scenes, the Deep State has been scrambling to avoid an even bigger crisis than the one that hit in 2008. It has nothing to do with stocks… or bonds… or international currency markets. And when it strikes, it could bring down the entire monetary system. To learn more about the coming monetary catastrophe… and the steps you can take to protect yourself, follow this link, click here.

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