What pisses me off is ya forget how Lebron did the exact same

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Injuries aren caused by Durant or the Warriors front office. You supposed to build teams that can withstand injuries. The Cavs had the biggest payroll this year. They made a lot of nutty personnel decisions. That why that team is so lacking when compared to the Warriors or Rockets.Chris Paul had a long list of hamstring injuries this year. D played him for longer minutes than he should have. A seven man rotation is going to hurt your team. I don care how many All Stars you have. People look at it different because of where KD went to and choose to treat it differently even though when it happened, people felt the same. Now we all here mad at KD for having the same motivations and taking his blueprint and improving upon it.If the reasons for leaving are the same, it the same. Just because people want to justify Lebron move because he went back home and won doesn change that at all. It really sucks knowing every year who canada goose outlet black friday sale the canada goose outlet uk sale finals winner is going canada goose coats on sale to be, at least Lebrons teams we at least feel like they can lose, and seeing how he only has 3 rings he does end up losing eventually. I also feel like everyone mentions CP injury but nobody looks at Andre’s and how much of a stopper he is, they didn’t get back into the series until he was out.I’m canada goose clothing uk just uncomfortable with the super team dilemma we’re facing because I can see the rockets trying to add PG and then LeBron going and creating his canada goose outlet germany own team and it just sucks for every one of the smaller teams like the pacers to root for their squad. we just have a very good idea which team is the most likely to end canada goose outlet toronto address up in the finals. I grew up watching MJ and we didn have all this social media stuff and that whatever that cool but it literally baffles me canada goose outlet sale toronto that people don celebrate excellence regardless of how it all started. What if GSW didn win that first year with KD? People would laud it over him even canada goose asos uk more than now. lol it so amazing. But yeah I don like top heavy either. It up to everyone else to get better though right? They ain wrong lol. It not like its impossible.Ill be eating tacos ya can eat a dick, the only thing in my world worse than a snitch is a canada goose outlet boston hater. I dont hate on Lebron the crybaby he has been since day one in the league, i congratulate. I respect him for how great of a player he is and what he has done in the league, which is help prop it up after the huge post jordan era decline. I don like him or the cavs, but i respect him.What pisses me off is ya forget how Lebron did the exact same thing to get his 1st title wins, yet there ain no hate for him, and i guarantee you all the KD haters would hate on him even if he went back to OKC JUST like Lebron went back to Cleveland after winning in Miami. The BIG difference here is Lebron LITERALLY abandoned his hometown area, KD just left OKC, which is worse? But i see no Lebron hate? Only dick riding for him. I just think GS went beyond fair play in how they aquired their roster. The cap is there in part to balance the league. KD paycut screws up that competitive balance by making GS 10 million a year better than everyone else. Can people just not be happy for someone that after all there lives all the hard work they put in, all the dedication to their game that they got to the biggest pinnacle of their careers? What have most people done in their lives that amounts to that in even double the amount of time that KD has been alive? What have most of these canada goose uk harrods haters ever devoted themselves to even half as much as KD or any pro devotes to their craft?I played ball all the way up to college, and i can tell you the sacrifice it takes cheap canada goose just to play even at that level, what you put in, the devotion it takes, the hard work day in and day out to try and hone your game. I https://www.rkliedtke.de can only imagine at higher levels, i mean also think about the pressure, especially as a young man. Think about how you felt at their age i know i still feel like im not equipped to handle things and im a 33 year old man, and these guys most of em are just kids asked to handle immense pressure, i remember when i was 20ish i felt like a kid still buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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