What He Did After Rioters Attacked Daughter’s Street


When his own family nearly met with tragedy during a protest-turned-riot, one 68-year old multi-millionaire from Baltimore decided to expose the dark source of rising unrest and tension across this country.

For example:

  • In Portland, the annual 82nd Avenue of the Roses Parade—a family event organized by the local flower association—was cancelled after a political resistance movement called “Rise Up” threatened to attack Republicans marching in the parade.
  • In New York City, a man wearing a red Make America Great Again hat was choked on the subway as fellow passengers did nothing to help.
  • In Berkeley, California, a Patriots Day rally turned into a battle for the streets between black-clad anarchists and a right-wing militia group.

The mayor of one small U.S. city recently put out an SOS to the federal government, begging for help with skyrocketing crime rates.

Nor is it just happening in the big “dangerous” cities…

Violent crime is now rising in traditionally “safe” towns like Denver, Salt Lake City, and Louisville…

Take the small town of Tiburon. It’s the third-safest town in all of California. Population: 9,214. Murder rate: 0.

Yet earlier this year, a 74-year- old conservative radio host and doctor was assaulted and left bloodied while out grabbing a bite to eat. The attack may have been politically motivated.

As the magazine, Foreign Policy, recently admitted: “There appears to be…a sense that these are not just scattered outbursts, that all this is escalating somewhere.”

The media generally dismiss this upsurge in unrest as the result of racism or the police or inequality or President Trump…sometimes all four.

But according to the message that this 68-year-old just leaked online…that’s far from the whole story.

There’s much more to this hidden civil war than you’re being told.