Washington Insiders Prepare to Cash in On S.1587 Ruling

The Pentagon has long been a one way ATM for America’s largest defense contractors.

But thanks to a little known legal ruling out of federal claims court that’s all about to change, and on June 30th it could play a role in one of the largest transfers of wealth since the Second World War.

Though he may not have realized it, when Judge Horn made his ruling on an obscure prevision of the 1994 Federal Acquisition Streamlining act, he tipped the balance of power in a trillion dollar bidding war.

And on the receiving end of his windfall decision was a powerful group of Silicon Valley billionaires – guys like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and even leading Trump adviser Peter Thiel.

You see, in addition to being unimaginably wealthy and powerful, these men all have one thing in common – they own cutting-edge firms some are calling “Penny Defense Stocks” that are on the frontlines of a $1 trillion Pentagon spending spree.

You’ve probably never heard of these companies, at least not yet, but on June 30th the Pentagon will release a plan that is expected to award them with multi-billion dollar windfall contracts.

And when it does the stock prices of these tiny companies could literally double over night.

However, it’s not a matter of if these stocks will soar, but why, that makes this a must-see story for every American…

Take a few moments to watch the presentation below and decide for yourself if the S.1587 ruling is as important as we think it is.