Wall Street Legend Explains $240,306 Mistake


Have you ever made a mistake you really regretted?

I have…

Back in 1991, I bought a couple stocks for my retirement account.

One was Oracle, where I invested $1,000.

The other was Microsoft, where I put another $1,000.

But not long after, a back-office “snafu” happened and both stocks were mistakenly sold out of my account.

By the time I was told about this screw-up, both stocks had risen slightly.

I kept telling myself I’d “buy them back later”…

But, of course, I never did.

Since then, Microsoft has gone up from a split-adjusted price of $1.30 to $55…

And Oracle has risen from a split-adjusted price of $0.20 to $40—a monster 20,000% gain I missed out on.

All told, this $2,000 would now be worth $242,306.

That was a quarter-million-dollar mistake I’ve never forgotten.

I’d like to think I’ve grown a bit wiser now… and today I see another investment that greatly reminds me of an early-day Microsoft or Oracle.

It’s a revolutionary new technology… It’s got great backing (in fact, Microsoft just pledged its support)… And it’s still cheap enough to make the upside really enticing.

I’ve put together a video to explain all the details.

Now, whether you find the story here as compelling as I do and choose to invest in it or not is up to you.

But please do me a favor:

If you do think idea has legs, please act on it! Even if it’s just a small stake.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. You might live to regret it.

Click here to see the details of this investment.

As you’ll see in the video, there’s a major event that could happen as early as January 1st, 2018 that could send this investment soaring, so don’t delay if you like the idea (especially since it’s already started to rise dramatically in the last 2 months).

One of Trump’s new picks is also an ardent supporter of this new technology. This could be another real boon in the future. Click here for the full story.