Man who predicted Trump victory makes next shocking prediction…

Yes, he says a lot of stupid things… but all of these people say stupid things. I’m putting my money on Trump for winning the election. Not my ideal choice, but by far the best choice that we have.”

-Doug Casey, April 21, 2016

Nine months ago, Doug Casey, a libertarian philosopher and multi-millionaire speculator, predicted Donald Trump’s victory.

In fact, he was so confident of the outcome, he even placed two separate personal bets on the election.

A $500 bet where he won 5-to-1, and another with a leading investor where he won 100 ounces of silver.

But now Casey is issuing an even more shocking prediction about Trump’s presidency

This isn’t the first time Doug Casey has issued a controversial forecast.

In the 1979, he predicted the Savings & Loan collapse. In February 1989, he predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. He’s also predicted the Dot Com crash, 9/11 (two months before it happened), the housing crash as well as Brexit.

But this may be his most profitable prediction of all.

If he’s right, Donald Trump’s first executive order is expected to unlock a $128 billion fortune for one small company.

While nothing in the market is guaranteed-this $1 stock could return investors as much as 10 times their money in 2017 alone.

Take a few moments right now to watch it, and see for yourself…