“Donald Trump Stock Market Rally Will Continue”

Donald Trump’s election has created a historical move in the stock market.

The Dow Jones is up 8% since Election Day.

Just last week, it reached the highest point in its history!

And Fortune magazine recently declared:

“The Donald Trump stock market rally will continue.”

In fact, if the Dow continues to climb at the current pace… it will double by Christmas 2017.

No matter how high it goes, it’s clear that Trump’s election has influenced the stock market in a very positive way.

And that’s just the beginning…

He’s promised to do two things that will get America’s economy moving.

  1. He’s going to eliminate unnecessary regulations created by President Obama that have been stifling American business.
  2. He’s promised to spend over $1 trillion on infrastructure in the United States. Building new bridges, hospitals, roads and schools will flood the building industry with money.

In fact, Trump’s first executive order is expected to unlock a $128 billion fortune for one small company.

While nothing in the market is guaranteed – this $1 stock could return investors as much as 10 times their money in 2017 alone.

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