The $2.6 Trillion Tax “Settlement Check” (Free Special Report)

On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, President Trump is expected to release his new Tax Reform Plan to the American people.

According to financial expert Teeka Tiwari, almost no one is talking about how nine innocent words inside this document could result in up to $2.6 trillion in cash flooding

America’s economy – almost overnight.

That’s a mind-numbingly huge number.


Warren Buffett, one of America’s richest men, has a net worth of $73.4 billion.

It has taken him a lifetime to accumulate such wealth.

Well, this one-time cash settlement is 35 TIMES BIGGER.

Make no mistake…

This money, or an amount close to it, will be paid out. That’s because Big Tech will finally be required to bring home billions upon billions in overseas income as part of the biggest “tax settlement” in U.S. history.

This time, payment is MANDATORY.

And history tells us up to 92 cents of every dollar could end up in the pockets of lucky investors.

Imagine walking out to your mailbox in a few weeks... and finding a check for $12,500… $27,000... $58,550... all the way up to $127,895.

This isn’t money you’ll receive directly from the government, which is why you can collect this money… even if you didn’t pay a dime in taxes last year.

In order to cash in…

• You are NOT required have paid a penny in taxes.
• You do NOT need to share your name with the government.
• You do NOT have to be a customer of any companies bringing money back to the U.S.

In order to fast-track your “registration” for one of these massive tax “settlement checks,” Teeka has prepared an urgent white paper on how to tackle this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s called The “Super Seven” Trump Refund Stocks for 2017.

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In this special bulletin, Teeka lists his top seven picks to help you get the largest tax “settlement check” possible. Inside, you’ll find company names, how much cash is being held offshore, likely breakdown of dividends vs. share buybacks… EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.

And his top picks are shown in order of expected gains.

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