The Truth about the Fed’s “6C” Plan for Digital Dollar

Will you soon be forced to turn in your hundreds of cash dollars for a few “digital dollars”?

That appears to be the design of a new plan for a digital currency discovered on the Kansas City Federal Reserve’s public server.

Based on what we see in the “6C” provision in the plan, you and I could soon be exchanging, say, $100 cash dollars for merely $70 new digital dollars – hosted (or trapped as some would say) in electronic American banking systems.

The plan seems to the latest step in a crackdown on cash and currency controls – seen in state and federal laws such as R.S. 37:1866 , P.L. 111-147 , or § 5324 of the US Code

Is it “Big Brother” or something much worse?

Critics worry that this is “Big Brother’s” latest effort to monitor its citizens more closely.

However, new revelations – shown here – show a radically different cause for this government push… And one much more disturbing.

It would appear that there’s about to be a massive shortage of cash in America.

Bloomberg has reported that foreign banks are now complaining of a severe shortage in dollars , a sentiment echoed by employees at the Bank of International Settlement , and confirmed by a report from an economist at Harvard.

And it would appear that is all about to end with a scenario that the highest levels of our government and banking system have warned would devastate the country.

America’s Biggest Economic Risk

Janet Yellen, the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, has gone on record to call it America’s biggest economic risk.

A former official from the Treasury Department has described a scenario like this, saying, “Literally, your ATM wouldn’t work. You type in your code, no money comes out. You get your paycheck, you can’t cash it.”

According to a video – posted online HERE – we’re about to experience that firsthand. And very soon.

It comes from a private news and research network that usually reserves information like this for its private subscribers.

Interestingly enough, this is the same network that accurately predicted the 2008 financial crisis as well as the rise of muslim terrorism in the late 90s. This expose – coming directly from their founder (a first in the company’s history) – is their latest and perhaps most daring.

How long the video will remain online we don’t know. For the moment, it’s available HERE (for FREE), and we’d strongly recommend you watch it right now.