The Race For “World Money” Heats Up


It’s happening…

The race for a new “cashless” world money is heating up.

Canada, with its “Project Jasper” has already started looking into this…

China has declared they want to implement this “as soon as possible”.

And now renowned currency expert Doug Casey believes the U.S. is about to join the race with its own “Project Fedcoin”.

I think that we are in line for one of the most drastic and draconian changes to the U.S. money system in history.” Says Casey. “It could be on a par with the creation of the Fed in 1913 or Roosevelt confiscating American citizen’s gold in 1933.”

In short, after years of “quantitative easing” (money printing) and near-zero interest rates, the Federal Reserve has painted itself into a corner.

And this extreme new policy tool-which could wipe out the savings of millions of Americans-is the only option left.

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