Book: Strange Events Coming in 2018

A controversial book by a conservative author is now available to the general public once again.

Promotions for the book were blocked earlier this year, presumably due to its prediction of a strange event coming to America… possibly as early as 2018.

Says its author:

Have you ever wondered…

…when it became ok to hate the flag… the military… the anthem… and the American experiment itself…

…when it became more fashionable to be a “victim” than a leader…

…when America became divided into groups based on “identity”… each demanding its own free handouts or special privileges… each resorting to violence against the other:

The fact is: America is changing from the inside. And according to years of research on the topic, I can think of just one logical conclusion to all of this…

The author goes on to predict a strange series of events coming to our shores, possibly as early as 2018.

(For more info on what these events are, you can visit his promotional page right here.)

Naturally, his message has been met with criticism accusing him of being a “doom and gloomer,” and “scaring people to sell books.”

But what’s interesting here is that this isn’t some random guy with a laptop who sat down to write a book. He’s a three-time New York Times best-selling author. Back in 1970s, he founded a company that is now the largest source of underground news and research in the world.

And most interesting of all: He’s made predictions like this before… and been proven right.

We’ll leave you to make up your mind. You can get a summary of the book and who’s behind it right here. You’ll also discover how to secure your own hardcover copy, directly from the author, and pay only shipping and processing. Simply click here.