Is a Second Civil War Really Possible?

Is it possible we’ve reached a point of no return in this country?

Could we see another “bleeding Kansas” – the period of unrest just before the Civil War – but on a national scale this time?

“No,” says one expert at the research firm Bonner & Partners, “your liberal neighbor is not about to take up armed warfare against you. Your conservative neighbor isn’t about to, either, for that matter.”

However, he’s not completely dismissive of the idea.

“Clearly, America is not a healthy place right now,” he continues, “you can feel the tension in the air. We’re seeing beatings, riots, flag burnings…there’s a rage that is not normal…even for us.”

He points to the recent string of violent attacks in America – many of them politically motivated.

In New York City, a man wearing a red Make America Great Again hat was assaulted on the subway as fellow passengers did nothing to help.

In Chicago, a 50-year-old man was dragged from his car and beaten. Instead of helping, onlookers accused him of voting for the wrong political candidate.

In Washington, a young woman who showed up to support the new president had her hair set on fire by radical left-wing protestors who call themselves “black bloc.”

In Berkeley, California, a Patriots Day rally turned into a battle for the streets between black-clad anarchists and a right-wing militia group.

“People blame it on the election. But that’s not the full story. And I think in the next four months we’ll see America tested in ways no one expected,” the expert says.

Challenged on his claims, this expert uploaded a presentation of his findings. It details what’s causing this unrest, and why events this summer could have a huge impact on American history.

Agree or not, you’ll be surprised by his research. Fair warning, it is fairly controversial and deals with subjects like rising mortality rates, inequality, race, and even the U.S. banking system. (The presentation is available online here.)