Announcement by December 31 Could Rocket Gold Past $5,000

By Adam Wasserman

Lead Researcher at Casey Research


Gold is one of the hottest investments of 2016, climbing by 35% in the first half.

Analysts everywhere are predicting gold could head to $5,000 or higher.

Some like CIA insider Jim Rickards are even projecting $10,000 gold.

But nobody has identified exactly when it could happen, or how it will get there.

That’s all changing now due to an explosive new gold catalyst nobody expected.

A controversial new law that’s scheduled to go into effect by December 31.

One that will hand 1.6 billion people complete access to gold for the first time in five decades… sparking what is likely the biggest one-day buying spree in the history of gold.

While financial media has ignored this event – and its implications – some of the leading experts on gold already believe it could send the yellow metal to unseen heights.

New Alert: 32 Central Banks Scrambling to Prepare For Year-End Announcement

The World Gold Council projects that it could unleash “hundreds of tons” of new demand.

Standard & Poor’s estimates $3 trillion could instantly enter into one tiny corner of the gold market.

And according to gold expert Doug Casey – who has accurately predicted every major gold move in the last 50 years – this development could “create a whole new class of millionaires”.

Now his firm – Casey Research – is tracking this current development, and their research shows this could ignite the biggest gold rally in history, virtually overnight.

“This could be the most significant “gold law” since Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard,” says Casey Research’s Senior Editor E.B. Tucker, “each time something like this has happened in the last 50 years, gold surged to record highs and all-new millionaires were made, and I think history may repeat itself.”

In anticipation, some of the world’s biggest market players are making some dramatic moves.

That includes 32 major central banks and 112 billionaires who are positioning their assets in advance.

Legendary investors George Soros and John Paulson have made the news for betting the house on gold.

Soros in particular has plunked down nearly half-a-billion dollars on the bluechip firm Barrick Gold.

Update: 112 Billionaires Set to Embark on Gold Buying Frenzy

But the investors who want the biggest riches are lining up to profit from a much better way to buy gold.

One that has nothing to do with bullion, coins, futures, ETF’s, or big companies like Barrick.

A type of secret gold trade that’s proven to generate as much as 27-times higher returns than the price of gold.

Doug used it himself to build his own independent wealth going back to 1970. He hasn’t enjoyed the rewards alone though. Over the years he’s built a large base of followers who’ve seen to opportunity to make millions – again and again – just by following Doug’s recommendations.

Casey Research has just compiled their research on this “gold law” into an urgent new presentation.

In it they reveal why this coming development could send gold to $5,000 within a matter of months…

They also share the details on the gold trade they say is proven to turn every $10,000 into $1 million.

And how everyday Americans can make this move for absolute fortunes, while there’s still time.

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