Not Much Is Recession Proof, But These 7 Investments Might Be

By Justin Spittler, MoneyWise

Every day, the bull market in U.S. stocks grows older… And America’s brightest financial experts are on high alert.

According to researchers at S&P Global, it’s been 99 months without a market correction (a 20% drop in stock prices).

The last time we saw a bull market this long?

Right before the Dot-Com Bust.

Billionaire Jim Chanos has taken note. Chanos, who gained widespread acclaim for predicting Enron’s collapse, warned:

“We’re eight years into an economic expansion… the modern U.S. economy has never gone 10 years without recession.”

High level government insiders see the writing on the wall too.

Doug Casey is a former classmate of President Clinton. He’s served as an economic adviser to six countries. And met with Cuba’s dictator, Fidel Castro.

Recently, Mr. Casey gave an urgent presentation to his economic think tank, in Palm Beach, Florida.

It detailed his dire outlook for America’s economy and financial markets in 2017.

However, it also delved into seven specific investment opportunities that could be virtually “recession proof” – even if stocks crash like in the Dot-Com bubble.

In fact, in Casey’s book, a crash of this magnitude could be good news.

In 2001, Doug and his team pinpointed an extraordinary 4,329% windfall. Enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $43,000, from their best off-the-radar stock pick.

Could a similar situation unfold today?

And which seven investment opportunities are on Doug’s list now?