The Baby Boomer Survival Guide

You are 70. You have no money. What do you do?
Sell your body for medical experiments? Invent a new app?
Try a sophisticated trading system or an expensive investment program, hoping to get rich quick?

The Banks Are Running Out Of Cash

Men are locking up their wives and daughters. Lines are forming at gas stations… The convenience store down the road is being cleaned out.

Even the banks are running out of cash.

This Could Set Off Another Great Depression

Another crisis is coming. We can be sure of it. Because the problem behind the crisis of 2008 – fake money, fake interest rates, fake economy – was not corrected. We didn’t fully understand money at the time. And a lot has happened since. But we were right about one thing: the role of debt.

The Founding Fathers Would Be Ashamed…

Thomas Jefferson… Benjamin Franklin… George Washington – would any of them recognize in the United States of America any trace of the country they tried to establish? Better put away the guns and lock the ammunition before comparing Trump or Clinton to the Founding Fathers; you are just inviting serious depression.

Why the Middle Class Is Dying

Largest Theft in History. As expected, Ms. Yellen smiled this week, announcing no change to the Fed’s extraordinary policies. For the last eight years, she has been aiding and abetting the largest theft in history.

This Is How the Feds Will Ban Cash

Central banks – in the current system – can create unlimited amounts of fake money. They can use this money to buy real financial assets.

Theoretically, they could buy all the world’s stocks and bonds. And theoretically, they can leave the feds with almost complete ownership of the planet’s capital.

Why Rich People Love Hillary

Ms. Clinton is raising record amounts of money – $80 million in a single month. Big corporations, banks, military contractors, rich people – all are pitching in…

The Problem With Trump’s New Tax Plan

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to reform the U.S. tax system. His proposals are nothing new – simplification… fewer brackets… eliminate loopholes for rich people.

The Great Lie That Is Bankrupting the Economy…

We’re talking about money. And the problem caused by the Fed’s phony-baloney credit-money. It has led to a worldwide debt bubble – $300 trillion worth.

And like all bubbles, it’s going to blow up. When it does, we predict, there will be Hell to pay.