New “Gold Law” To Impact 1.6 Billion People

Doug Casey and E.B. Tucker of Casey Research Believe These Three Catalysts Are About To Create A ‘Perfect Storm’ For Gold Investors


Before the end of 2016 a new “gold law” will go into effect.

This new rule will open the gold markets to 1.6 Billion people who until now have been barred from buying gold.

This massive new demand is set to send prices for the yellow metal sky high.

Possibly higher than we’ve ever seen.

Keep reading, because if history is any guide, we may be on the verge of a gold buying frenzy.

The smart money is already getting ready. Just look at the Billionaire investors who are already quietly loading up on gold:

John Paulson, who netted $3 billion by shorting the housing market in 2007… and another $5 billion in the gold bull of 2009… is making a big bet on gold, to the tune of $900 million invested.

Stanley Druckenmiller is selling stock in droves… and moving a good chunk of his $4 Billion fortune into gold… including a $323 million investment of his own money into a major gold ETF.

And Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds, is busy buying up gold-producing companies across the board.

This is not the first time a major legal change has sent the price of gold soaring.

Three times in the past 50 years, major decisions have created incredible new demand for gold. And all three times, the price of gold rocketed to all-time highs.

The first was in 1971, when Nixon slammed the gold window. Afterward, gold traded as a commodity and millions of investors bought gold for the first time. The result? The gold price shot up 2,328% from $35 to $850.

The second opportunity was in 1999. When the 15 largest central banks agreed to be buyers, not sellers, of gold. Demand surged. And gold went on a 300% tear. From a low of $250 all the way to $1,000 in 2008.

The third opportunity came in 2009. That’s when the Chinese government encouraged citizens to buy gold. What happens when 1.3 billion new buyers enter the market? A tidal wave of new demand drove the price of gold from $750 to a new high of $1,950.

In all three cases, major legal, regulatory or policy decisions changed the gold market overnight. And in all three cases this triggered massive new demand, sending the price of gold through
the roof.

And it’s about to happen again.

Editor’s Note: The Gold Play About To Create A New Class Of Millionaires.

Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, and his lead analyst E.B. Tucker have been studying the gold market for years. And what they see now is an almost “perfect storm” for gold. They see three major catalysts poised to strike before the end of 2016. Creating an opportunity the likes of which we may never see again.

Right now you still have time to get in ahead of the rush. Before a tsunami of 1.6 billion brand new gold buyers flood the market with cash.

In a brand new video, Doug, E.B. and their team reveal all the important details about this coming gold tidal wave. Including what they believe is the best way to get in immediately… and position yourself for gains up to fourteen times greater than holding bullion alone.

If Doug and E.B. are right (and they’ve been right on each of the three major gold moves mentioned above) a flood of new gold buyers are about to storm the market and send prices to levels we’ve never seen before…

…not in 1971 when gold began a surge 2,328% higher…

…and not in 2002 when gold soared 300% in under a decade.

This trifecta of gold events is set to create a perfect storm for gold. And it will all kick off by December 31.

When the floodgates open, $5,000/oz. for gold may prove to be just beginning. Again, if Doug and E.B. are right, we could see $7,000 or even $10,000/oz.

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