Mysterious Mega Millionaire Issues Jaw-Dropping Forecast in New Leaked Video

Is this Mysterious Millionaire the Real “Most Interesting Man in the World?”

Personal invitations to the White House…

Meetings with Presidents and notorious Dictators (Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro to name two) …

Advising the economic policy of six countries, with a combined GDP of $100 Billion…

One person has done it all. Only one.

Surprisingly – he’s no politician. Or member of the Mainstream Media. He’s not affiliated with any branch of the intelligence community, either.

To most Americans, his identity is a secret.

But that’s changing… and fast.

Days ago, video footage featuring this mysterious man leaked online.

It reveals his name. And shines a light on how, after growing up on Maryland farmland, he became one of the most connected men in the world… and a mega millionaire.

Of course, his full net-worth and impact on the global power structure is unknown.

Yet, the footage offers a rare glimpse:

His holdings include a ranch in Aspen… a 10,000-square foot mansion in Uruguay… and a 1,300-acre resort nestled beside the Andes Mountains, with a vineyard, 18-hole golf course, and fully staffed restaurant. He’s also debated 12-term Congressmen and Presidential candidates… publicly shamed Vice President Dick Cheney… and traveled to 175 countries and war zones.

The source of his incredible wealth and power, according to the video:

An ability to forecast – with amazing accuracy – the defining moments in America’s economic and political history, months in advance. For example:

1. The S&L and Dot-Com Collapse
2. 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center
3. The 2008 financial crisis
4. Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election
5. And a new jaw-dropping forecast for 2017 – which is happening right now, although few people realize it.

In short, this multimillionaire now predicts:

America’s entering a period that will be written into history books as more transformational and significant than “The Great Depression of 1929 – 1941.”

Hard to believe, no doubt. Yet, the leaked video shows that an NY Times bestselling author calls this mysterious millionaire “one of the greatest prophets of our time.

And Simon & Schuster says he’s “never been wrong on one of his major predictions.

Even more intriguing, he’s not claiming doom is at America’s doorstep. Instead, for folks who act now, a once-in-a-lifetime fortune building opportunity is at their fingertips.

In fact, he projects 1,700 new millionaires will be minted, every single day…

And this whole new class of millionaire’s will come from Main Street Americans – NOT the Wall Street or Washington D.C. elite.

Is this living legend’s forecast accurate, once again?

And who, exactly, is he?

For the answers, click below to launch a private viewing of the video.

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