Mayor Begs For Help As Unrest Spirals Out Of Control


Mayor Catherine Pugh of Baltimore has now called on the federal government for help. Her city is spinning out of control—with violence pushing levels not seen in decades.

She isn’t alone.

  • In Portland, the annual 82nd Avenue of the Roses Parade—a family event organized by the local flower association—was cancelled after a political resistance movement called “Rise Up” threatened to attack Republicans marching in the parade.
  • In New York City, a man wearing a red Make America Great Again hat was choked on the subway as fellow passengers did nothing to help.
  • In Berkeley, California, a Patriots Day rally turned into a battle for the streets between black-clad anarchists and a right-wing militia group.

This is not just happening in the big “dangerous” cities…

Violent crime is now rising in traditionally “safe” towns like Denver, Salt Lake City, and Louisville…

As the magazine, Foreign Policy, recently admitted: “There appears to be… a sense that these are not just scattered outbursts, that all this is escalating somewhere.”

But where?

One man—a multimillionaire and best-selling author—claims to know.

After his own daughter, who was pregnant at the time, nearly met with tragedy during a riot in her neighborhood, this man went on a hunt to discover the truth.

And what he uncovered has been called controversial. It involves taboo subjects here in America that many in the mainstream media will not touch.

But perhaps the most troubling part of his findings—now available online here—is that they appear to predict a wave of changes, possibly as soon as this summer, that will test America’s values… politics… government… and economy… in ways not seen in our lifetimes.

In response, this best-selling author and millionaire has put together a guide that regular Americans can use to learn about this coming challenge… and protect their families, their communities, and their money.

There’s much more to this hidden civil war than you’re being told.

See it for yourself here.