Man Who Predicted 13 Major World Events Makes Next Shocking Prediction…

There are 220 countries on the planet. Bestselling financial author Doug Casey has been to 160 of them. He’s a legendary investor, a former classmate of Bill Clinton at Georgetown, and a self-described “anarcho-capitalist,” according to the New York Times.

Casey has dined with presidents, made millions in the stock market, written books, traveled to war zones, scuba-dived, sky-dived, bought and sold Ferraris in Europe, practiced martial arts, debated Presidential candidates, shaken hands with Fidel Castro in Cuba, and publicly refused to shake hands with Dick Cheney…

It’s no wonder podcast personality and best-selling author James Altucher called Doug “The Most Interesting Human in The Matrix.”

He’s also known for his Nostradamus-like abilities to predict major economic, social and political events.

Like when he predicted the aftermath of the Arab spring in 2011, the “dot–com bubble” in 1999… the China boom back in the early ’90s… and the Soviet Collapse in 1989.

But now Casey is issuing what may be his most important (and shocking) prediction to date.

It involves the U.S. dollar and a controversial new law the Federal Reserve may be forced to enact.

In fact, according to my source, Fed members just wrapped up a special “behind-closed-doors” meeting to discuss one of the most dramatic changes to the U.S. dollar in the last 100 years.

A change that not only affects how we spend, save, and earn…

But that will also transform the very nature of “money” itself.

To uncover the story, I flew down to Aspen, Colorado to meet Doug Casey in person.

In the interview that follows, you’ll hear Casey’s strong warning to Americans regarding the consequences of a new potential money plan by the Fed that could start in the next 6 months.

You’ll also hear the four steps he’s personally taking today to prepare himself and protect his savings.