“Did You Really Think They’d Let Trump Get Away With This?”

The plan to sabotage our new President… And how regular Americans will be caught in the crossfire…

A MoneyWise Exclusive:

Are democrats engineering a crisis for Trump’s first months in office?

“The first few months of Trump’s presidency are going to be very difficult for regular Americans,” explains a former DC lobbyist from Baltimore, MD.

“I expect more violence similar to what we saw in Oakland after the election. I also expect to see big disruptions in our food and gas supplies…and even a severe cash shortage.”

When asked why he clarifies:

“It’s not Trump’s fault. But you have to understand there are deep trends at work here. Ones that cannot easily be reversed. I’ve been watching them for some time now.”

The former lobbyist – now a multi-millionaire businessman and the author of several best-sellers on economics – expects a sudden and severe change in how our economy is structured…

One that will ripple out through every layer of American life…

  • It will change the way you pay for your groceries…and where you get them.
  • It will cause shortages in gas…and even cash dollars.
  • It will allow unelected insiders within the government to engage in massive cash and capital controls… Along the lines of what we’re already seeing in states across the country.
  • If he is right, we will see more rioting and violence, similar to the beatings in San Jose, the riots in Oakland, and the flag burning in Portland.

It’s a bold prediction. And one many find hard to believe. But the evidence – now online in video form – is surprisingly strong.

It’s no secret that Trump’s opposition is increasingly desperate.

Angry mobs (rumored to be funded by George Soros) have besieged Trump Tower since the election. Trump supporters have been attacked. One man was dragged from his car and beaten in the middle of the street as onlookers yelled “You voted Trump”.

As protestors rioted and burned the American flag, one told CNN: “People have to die…”

Even President Obama called our new President a dictator…warning Americans before the election that “democracy itself” was at stake.

It wouldn’t be the first time an outgoing President has sabotaged his successor.

One famous example involves the terrible “Nixon Shock,” triggered when Nixon ended the gold standard in August 1971.

While Nixon usually gets the blame, it was in fact Lyndon Johnson who forced his hand.

“Nixon’s action was preordained by what LBJ had done three and half years earlier,” explains The National Interest, an international affairs journal chaired by Henry Kissinger.

It was Johnson who actually unhooked the dollar from gold and then flooded the world with new dollars.

At a secret meeting at Camp David on August 13th, 1971, Nixon was forced to protect the US gold supply by ending the gold standard.

Sources later revealed that the man working behind the scenes at that meeting was none other than John Connally …A man described by Texas Monthly as Lyndon Johnson’s “most trusted political operative.”

What happened next? Extreme inflation …an executive order (#11615) that instituted a freeze on wages, rents, and prices for 30 days …crashing spending…for the first time, America was having trouble keeping up with the rest of the world…

[Ed. Note: In fact, one economist is now arguing that according to new data, all economic growth since the 1970s has been largely fake…See why here...]

One woman remembers those days with a shudder. As a teenager, she was stalked by an angry mob when the gas station where she worked ran short: “it was like [a] ‘Twilight Zone’ episode…Several men barricaded the door to protect me, while a growing crowd milled around outside.”

That Johnson was able to pass the blame onto Nixon was nothing short of political miracle work.

Today, we could very well see a repeat of the “Nixon Shock”…

And there may not be much our new President can do about it.

Video footage of Janet Yellen, a democrat and the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, shows her admitting this threat is very real, saying: “We could find ourselves in a devastating spiral.”

Of course, she goes on to assure her audience that she has the matter firmly in hand.

Yet according to public records, our government has already spent $4.5 trillion trying to bury this problem. So far, its efforts have not worked.

And in the last few months of his Presidency, Obama has added fuel to the fire…

Making good on his promise to safeguard his legacy by executive order, he has added a record number of new regulations to the Federal Register…

To pay for them he has issued trillions of dollars’ worth of a special type of loan contract …millions of which will come due in the first few months of Trump’s first term.

So are the democrats deliberately engineering a “Trump Shock”?

Here’s a telling fact…

The head of the SEC, a democrat named Mary Jo White, just resigned with three years left on her term. By doing that, she put all of Obama’s market regulations on the chopping block. And it’s not like Trump could have fired her. He doesn’t have the power to do that.

Is it possible she knows something we don’t?

The man who alerted us to this story explains that there’s an ugly truth about the US economy that most Americans simply aren’t aware of…

And, no he’s not talking about the national debt.

In a video he recently uploaded he can be seen urging all Americans to at least take one crucial step in protecting their wealth and families from what is coming.

As a grandfather and businessman, he has already spent millions protecting both his family and business. Many of his richest friends in the business world have done the same.

Yet he stresses Americans of ALL income levels can – and should – take action to protect themselves from the coming shock.

“You do NOT have to be wealthy to get ahead of this thing. It’s actually not expensive at all. You can do it for less than the cost of your monthly cable bill,” he says.

To see his video message for yourself just click here. So far it has already garnered more than 2 million views.

So who is this man? And why should we take him seriously?

As it turns out, he owes his fortune to an underground news and research network he founded back in 1979, after losing his taste for life in Washington.

Working in partnership with an Oxford scholar and the former head of England’s BBC, the network he created is not traditional media outlet.

Instead, their work lies in exposing and predicting huge movement in markets and current affairs, well before they happen.

Shockingly, they’ve proven very good at it. In fact, their track record is unmatched.

The network has now over 2.6 million subscribers, and rivals the New York Times and Wall Street Journal in readership.

Meanwhile, this millionaire’s work has received accolades from public figures like NYU professor and author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, political theorist Lew Rockwell, and Congressman Ron Paul.

Economist Dr. Marc Faber, editor of the famous Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report once described this man as “a man who is not afraid to tell the truth” and added: “I’m seldom jealous of anybody but I truly envy [his] writing and intellectual skills.”

We recommend you watch his video right away. For the moment it is still widely available for free online. However, with recent crackdowns by Facebook and Google against opposition websites, we don’t know how long that will last.

And trust us, you don’t want to be the last American to see it…

Comments from viewers of this video:

“I have told every client to have emergency cash on hand. The bridge is out ahead.” – Jon S , Registered Investment Advisor

“As a longtime career banker, I know how corrupt the system is…This has confirmed…my experiences over the past 20 years.” – Samuel T

“The so-called leaders are anything but. You have to look after yourself the best you can.” – Nance C

“This information was really eye opening. Will help me make some serious adjustments to my lifestyle and future plans.” – Chris F

“The Good Book says perilous times in the latter days. God almighty is active now and giving us some signs to shape up this country.” – Matthias P

“It’s better to know and be prepared than having my head in the sand… Keepin lots of cash.” Kevin O