Landmark Legal Ruling Means Fortunes For “Penny Defense Stocks”

(Delray Beach, Fl) Just one week before the U.S. election, a federal court made a landmark decision.

A decision that could change everything about America’s military… and even “make it great again.”

It could even spark a new boom in the smaller Pentagon contractors, creating unprecedented profits.

Historically, the closest precedent is World War II, when massive Pentagon spending created the household names of today, like General Dynamics and Boeing.

Back then, General Dynamics soared 55,000% on the wave of WWII spending. That means $1,000 invested could have turned into a $550,000 retirement nest-egg.

Gains like these are incredibly rare. But analysts at Casey Research, founded by legendary investor Doug Casey, are expecting a similar historic windfall.

“Billions are at stake here,” according to Casey’s Senior Editor E.B. Tucker.

“We all know Pentagon spending is about to boom under the new administration. And due to this new legal ruling, investors in these tinyompanies could capture the biggest profits of them all.”

This legal ruling has, already, sent a flood of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to the Pentagon’s gates.

That includes billionaires like Tesla’s Elon Musk, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Paypal’s Peter Thiel.

These tech titans are known for disrupting old industries. And in the process, minting new millionaires.

Now they’re disrupting the conventional military order, replacing old, slow companies like Boeing. And similar riches are at hand.

The other side to this story is that the new defense tech boom could restore America’s dominance in the world.

And tiny companies, many trading for under $10 or less, are on the front-lines of the new buildup.

They’re called “penny defense stocks.” And they create the most innovative technology… the kind that can keep America safe from its enemies.

The top four of these – and how to profit – have just been outlined in a new report by Casey Research analysts.

You can claim immediate access to the report by clicking here.