January 17th, Gov to Initiate Obama’s Last § 2903 Action – 401(k)s, IRAs in play


On January 17th, the Comptroller of the Currency has scheduled a Section 2903 action.

Today, a small businessman based in Maryland is helping Americans, especially seniors and owners of 401(k)s/IRAs, prepare for what’s coming…

The 2903 action, initiated in the final three days of the outgoing administration, comes at the tail end of a series of currency controls and cash restrictions at both state, federal, and international levels.

And new revelations – leaked online – suggests a motive for this trend than you may find disturbing…

Massive Cash Shortage Here in America

There’s a massive cash shortage here in America.

In fact, reports from abroad are already talking of dollar funding gaps and complaints of shortages by foreign banks (who must often do business in dollars).

The impact of an extreme shortage would devastate the early months of a Trump presidency. In fact, it was Trump himself who warned that something like this could happen, saying “the day Obama goes off…playing golf for the rest of his life…you are going to see some bad things happen.”

And that day is fast approaching.

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Janet Yellen, the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, has gone on record to call this type of crisis America’s biggest economic risk.
A former official from the Treasury Department has described a scenario like this, saying, “Literally, your ATM wouldn’t work. You type in your code, no money comes out. You get your paycheck, you can’t cash it.”

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At least one small businessman – who runs a small financial forecasting firm – is ready to help Americans prepare.

You can click the video above to see the whole story

How the Rich Are Preparing – And What You Can Do Right Now

In an online video he details how he has prepared himself for what’s coming… what many of his richest friends and business associates have done… and how regular Americans can gain the same level of protection without the cost and the headaches.

(It has nothing to do with burying gold he says).

One of the most crucial steps Americans should take has to do with securing ‘crisis money.’

But instead of offering to sell viewers some overpriced coin, this businessman says that you may be able to find some types of ‘crisis money’ at Walmart. Or you may already have some in your house.

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The video starts by laying out exactly what kind of event he – and many other businessman – are expecting. Even if you don’t watch the video all the way through, every American should at least see the first 10 minutes...

It tells the story of how a flaw appeared in the US financial system after we switched over to a new economic set-up in the 1970s (right around the time Section 2903 was passed into law).

It also highlights how a group of underground news and research companies has been “scooping” the mainstream media for years (it’s the argument all the “fake news” conspiracists need to hear)…and how they have predicted a coming change to the US economy that will affect every layer of American life.

You can watch his video for free right here. How much longer it will be available we cannot say.

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