Investigated: Why Are Dollars Disappearing?


“Take out your wallet and look at the cash inside.”

I was sitting at dinner with some colleagues, one of whom had just made a bet with me.

He continued: “At the bottom right of the portrait there’s a year number. You’ll probably find a few 2008s, maybe a 2004, and if you’re lucky a 2013.

“But I’ll bet you won’t find a single 2014…2015…or 2016.”

I had just been to the ATM so I played along. But even among the crisp, newest looking bills, none were marked any later than 2013.

“No one I know’s ever found a 2016. Only ever 2013s. It’s very strange,” he said.

The Money Isn’t There

He was wrong about the meaning of those numbers. They are series numbers, not year numbers.

But he is partly correct.

In 2013, they printed around 450 billion dollars. In 2017, that amount has dropped by over half.

There’s actually nowhere near as much cash in the United States as most people think…

And if you have any money in a US bank account… or intend to retire using your savings… or depend on any income producing investments or interest bearing accounts…

You should listen…

Cash Vanishes as Change to US Economy Looms

Bloomberg has reported that foreign banks are now complaining of a severe shortage in dollars , a sentiment echoed by employees at the Bank of International Settlement , and confirmed by a report from an economist at Harvard.

Something has been causing cash dollars to disappear…sending the value of the dollar way up…

Look at little closer, and you’ll see a disturbing picture…

There’s a change coming to the US economic system. One that will affect every layer of American life, from what kinds of foods you can find at your local supermarket, to gas prices, to the value of your stocks, even how and when you can take money from your own bank account.

Video from Best-selling Author Shows Rich Protecting Themselves

It will start small: with a broken ATM or a credit card that’s not working.

But from there it will spread to our stock markets, our payrolls, and food and gas supply chains…

And soon shake the foundations of this nation.

A New York Times best-selling economist has just released a video on this coming change. It’s free and available to the general public online at this address.

He outlines what he and others (i.e. the rich) have done to prepare for this…as well as what he recommends regular Americans (who don’t have millions to spend) can do to save their money and livelihoods from this coming event.

We’ve already seen a spate of currency controls and cash regulations at the state (R.S. 37:1866), federal (P.L. 111-147 and § 5324 of the US Code), and international level . Yet, in the days ahead these could become far more restrictive in an attempt to hide what's coming from view.

You should not wait to find out why cash dollars are suddenly disappearing…who is hoarding record amounts of cash right now (it’s not who you’d expect)…and how you can protect yourself right now.

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Here are some comments from viewers:

“I have told every client to have emergency cash on hand. The bridge is out ahead.” – Jon S , Registered Investment Advisor

“This information was really eye opening. Will help me make some serious adjustments to my lifestyle and future plans.” – Chris F

“The Good Book says perilous times in the latter days. God almighty is active now and giving us some signs to shape up this country.” – Matthias P

“It’s better to know and be prepared than having my head in the sand… Keepin lots of cash.” Kevin O