How One Man Turned $30,000 in Credit Card Debt Into a Fortune

Back in February of 2013, a man (who I’ll call Bill) started chronicling a unique “money experiment” online.

“I am not a wealthy man,” Bill said. “I am actually quite poor and have a lot of student loan debt.”

But despite this, Bill had good credit.

So he applied for—and received—over $30,000 in credit cards.

Then he did something that, on the surface, seems very risky…

He invested the entire amount into a tiny new invention!

Now, this wasn’t an invention he made, or one of his friends’… And it wasn’t an invention that was backed by stock either.

Rather, it was a new type of “digital money” he’d heard about that was trading between $14 and $25 at the time.

Did it pay off?

Well, on April 9th, less than 2 months after his first purchase, this new type of money soared to $195…

So here’s what Bill did:

He took out his initial $30,000 stake, paid off his student loans, and let his profits ride…

Then, a month later, he quit his job!

In December, Bill wrote he’d sold some units of this new money for “between $1,000 and $1,130”—nearly 100 times his initial investment!

All of this happened in less than 10 months.

Now there’s a new type of “digital money” that’s acting very similar to this other one…

It started small, but now it’s rising rapidly.

And while I wouldn’t recommend you max out your credit cards to invest in it, it is the single best speculation I’ve seen in the last 30 years.

(Even better than when I recommended my hedge fund clients buy Apple… before it went up by a factor of 50.)

To check out the research I’ve uncovered on this new invention, click here.