Government Mandate Could Require Every Car to Have This Amazing Tech

The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration is expected to pass a controversial new rule this year that requires a groundbreaking technology to be included in every car sold in America.

This technology is so revolutionary in fact, that the latest estimates indicate it could prevent up to 90% of all car accidents, and completely reshape the automotive industry in the process.

The pending NHTSA regulation will require that vehicles have certain “help-driving” features preinstalled by default.

You’ve probably seen some of these features in today’s top of the line models, things like automatic breaking, assisted steering, even self-parking on occasion.

And currently the multi-trillion-dollar automotive industry is rushing to “comply” with the coming changes.

However, according to Silicon Valley insider Jeff Brown, it’s not the current regulations American drivers should be concerned with.

The NHTSA’s decision could be just the first in a series of new laws and regulations that will completely reshape our relationship with cars, and maybe not for the better… unless you’re an investor.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below and decide for yourself…