Financial Historian Releases Awaited 2017 Prediction


It will start with a simple inconvenience – a broken ATM or a credit card that won’t swipe. But from there it will quickly spread to our stock market, our payrolls, and our food and gas supply chain…turning from a small annoyance into a serious financial event.

That’s what the author of three New York Times best-sellers on economics is now predicting for 2017. Writing from his isolated mountain cattle ranch, he goes on to detail an interesting – if unsettling – vision for America this coming year.

A Strange Kind of Crisis We’ve Never Seen Before

For instance, he agrees that the market will likely hit new heights…but that it will happen as many 401(k) and IRA account holders (not to mention many pensioners) find themselves cut off from access their accounts.

He expects the dollar will keep rising in value…as a massive shortage of cash disrupts the US economy (in fact, reports are already coming in from abroad of dollar shortages at foreign banks).

You can see a full video detailing his 2017 prediction right here, although we must warn sensitive people that they may find parts of it offensive.

A Controversial Video Now Online

In fact, the video has provoked such a strong reaction that even getting it out to people online has been difficult, as ad networks and publishers are wary of anything that might get labeled ‘fake news’ or sensational.

This author and economist – a Baltimore native – agrees that the video is “absolutely sensational.

But if you have money in a US bank, 401(k), IRA, or hold US investments, you could be in danger of losing huge portions of it by refusing to hear him out (his video is free, after all).

And while some of his facts will seem incredible, he reminds viewers that “they are all true.”

Meanwhile, fears of sensationalism don’t seem to have worried many viewers, as his message has so far been seen by well over 2 million people.

The video warns of a coming change to the way the US economy operates, caused by a flaw that was built into the system back in the 1970s. In fact, he is the only man in the country – as far as we can tell – to have studied this flaw so closely for over 30 years now.

In 2017, he fears that day has finally come.

100,000 Take Action to Prepare

And while the mainstream is quick to point out how unlikely such an event is, history shows that broad, unexpected changes are more common than you might think.

He counts at least 38 such events in the last century alone. In fact, he has predicted one or two before, most notably the Japanese crash in the late 80s, the dot-com crash in the early 2000s, as well as the housing collapse in 2008.

You might want to at least hear him out. Already well over 100,000 people have taken action after seeing his video. The majority of viewers polled have even acquired a new type of ‘crisis money’ he recommends (it’s not gold; you can find it in some department stores).

Click here to see his prediction for yourself.