Trump’s Special Gift To Alaska


Donald Trump is on a personal mission to create as many American jobs as possible…

Just a couple of weeks ago, he went to Indiana and personally convinced Carrier to keep 1,100 jobs in the state.

On his first day as President, he’s going to do something even bigger…

He’s expected to issue an executive order that will immediately create over 3,000 jobs in a remote, often-forgotten about part of America.


Alaska’s economy hit the skids under the Obama administration. Jobs have disappeared. People are moving out in droves.

Alaskans are hurting… Trump knows it.

And he thinks he can fix it, with one stroke of his pen.

In fact, his first executive order will likely affect Alaska far more than everyone else.

You see, he can’t repeal Obamacare on his very first day-he needs the Senate’s help for that.

And it will take some planning before he can start construction of a wall on the Mexican border.

But on Friday, Jan. 20, President-elect Trump’s first executive order will roll back one of President Obama’s biggest mistakes… just not the one you’re thinking of.

You see, before he deports 2 million illegal immigrants…

Before he destroys ISIS…

Even before he appoints a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton…

The new President will quickly remove a rule that’s stifling one specific industry.

And create over 3,000 new jobs in Alaska.

But there’s more to this story than jobs…

You see, this executive order will also unlock a $128 billion fortune for one tiny company with operations in Alaska.

And while nothing in the market is guaranteed…

Early investors could make as much as 10 times their money in 2017.

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