Donald Trump’s First Executive Order


Donald Trump’s first act as President will rock the establishment… yet again.

When the businessman takes over on January 20, 2017—he’s going to fix one of President Obama’s biggest mistakes…

But not the one you’re thinking of.

You see, before he repeals Obamacare…

Before he builds a wall on the border with Mexico…

Even before he appoints a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton…

The new President is expected to quickly remove a rule that’s stifling one specific industry.

The executive order I’m talking about has nothing to do with coal or oil. And it’s not a tariff or the cancellation of a free trade agreement. It doesn’t involve a change to the banking system or the Federal Reserve either.

Instead, this move could unlock a $128 billion fortune for an unheard-of company.

And it could send a tiny stock up 10 times or more…

While nothing in the market is guaranteed – Shares are hovering around $1 right now… But once Trump takes action, you could make as much as 10 times your money on this stock.

A small $5,000 investment could potentially return $50,000 over the coming year.

According to New York Times’ best-selling author Doug Casey, “Trump’s election could be the best thing to happen to the stock market. And this company could be the best investment of his entire presidency.

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