Why Congress Kept This $6,842 “Tax Haven” Safe from Tax Reform

Congress just passed its big tax bill. And everything from medical to moving expense deductions are on the chopping block.

But perhaps the most surprising thing of all that didn’t get touched is this $6,842-a-month tax haven…

You see, the Palm Beach Research Group, an independent research firm, recently conducted a study that shows 54 U.S. Congressmen have stashed over $10 million in a special non-government “account” that—when set up correctly—does not need to be reported to the IRS.

On top of that, it also pays up to 62 times more than regular bank accounts and can allow anyone to retire 100% tax-free.

Ted Benna, the man who created America’s single biggest retirement plan, has just released a free book that outlines this secret tax haven, along with 17 other little-known income tricks.

The book is eye-opening, since government actually restricts the advertising for many of these ideas, even if they are 100% legal.

To get the full scoop and grab your free book (if still available), click here…