China’s Scary “Social Experiment” Coming To America?


Will President Trump implement China’s controversial new “social control” tool?

As the Wall Street Journal reports, China has now launched a “credit rating for everything” that will help determine if citizens can obtain loans, high-paying jobs, social services, and even access the internet.

Don’t pay your bills on time? Got caught jaywalking? The “1984”-style tracking system will adjust your social credit score accordingly.

Also in the works is the country’s plan to implement a new nation-wide digital currency. Such a cashless currency has been deemed dangerous since it would make it easy for government to control what individuals can and can’t buy. Taxes could also be automatically deducted from digital-only accounts.

Perhaps most shocking is that such a new “cashless” currency has been discussed for America.

In fact, according to New York Times #1 Bestselling author and libertarian philosopher Doug Casey, Fed members have already discussed a proposed new “Fedcoin” currency.

In June, Janet Yellen hosted a 3-day private event to discuss the technology behind such a new currency. And recently, according to Business Insider, the Federal Reserve announced a new study to “speed up” the implementation of this technology.

As Casey warns in this just-released controversial interview, the consequences of a new “Fedcoin” currency would be disastrous to most Americans.

To discover the four steps he’s taking to prepare for such a “dollar reboot,” click on the image below.