Buy “penny defense stocks” before June 30

On June 30, the trillion-dollar Pentagon budget will pass, sparking the biggest defense boom of our lifetime.

Within 24 hours, the military will begin a historic expansion…

Launching the shares of certain defense contractors to all-new heights.

The sort of returns not possible since World War II, when $1,000 invested could have turned into a massive $550,000 windfall.

And while nothing in the market is guaranteed, these same kinds of gains are now on the table.

Yet unknown to the American public, the real winners of the defense gold rush won’t be Boeing or Raytheon.

Instead, due to a recent legal ruling, the biggest profits will go to a select group of firms known as “penny defense stocks.”

Tiny tech companies that are about to disrupt conventional military combat in ways previously thought impossible.

Few have heard of these firms.

Most outside the Beltway have never seen their mind-boggling technologies.

Or heard of the military programs that are poised to inject billions into these very small firms.

But that’s all about to change, starting June 30.

You have just days to make a move, or miss out on the biggest profit opportunity in 72 years.

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