Big Change to U.S. Dollar Could Come March 1st, 2018

We could all be forced to use a digital currency like Bitcoin. Paper money like $50 and $100 bills could soon be a thing of the past.

—Doug Casey, #1 NY Times author, multi-millionaire currency speculator

Is “paper money” on the way out?

According to currency expert Doug Casey, the answer is “yes.”

Casey, who’s been called a “financial prophet” after predicting the crash of ’87 one month early… the dot-com crash 4 months early… and gold’s rise from $259 to $1,900… believes the U.S. Federal Reserve will soon issue a new “Bitcoin”-like currency.

And it could lead to some big (and surprising changes) for Americans...

In a recent interview, Casey explained what’s going on and revealed the four steps he’s personally taking to prepare. If you currently earn, spend, or save money in U.S. dollars, you’ll want to check this out…

Click on the image below to watch the short interview:

EDITOR’S NOTE: President Trump recently elected Jerome H. Powell as new Fed chair. Mr. Powell, who told the Yale Law School a Federal Bitcoin was a “fascinating idea,” is expected to take office March 1st, 2018. Click here to prepare for big change...