6 Strange Bunkers for Economic Crisis

Most Americans aren’t aware of just how closely connected our lives are with our economic system.

Almost all of our daily necessities and comforts – from our ability to buy fresh food to simply taking money out at an ATM – depend on a few key pieces of the US economy working correctly.

So what would America look like if one of those pieces suddenly stopped working?

Traditionally, celebrities and the ultra-rich have kept their crisis planning out of the public eye. And while it boggles the imagination to think of Oscar winners, billionaires, and famous Hollywood names building bunkers under their homes…That appears to be exactly what’s happening in America right now.

As Mike Peters, CEO of one high-end shelter construction firm, recently told The Hollywood Reporter: “it’s really just the newest form of insurance.”

But what kind of scenario exactly is this insurance for?

The stars themselves aren’t talking…

Yet a recent video by a well-known author (praised for his work in economics) has finally given us a very good idea of what this crisis is…

And why ordinary Americans shouldn’t wait to get prepared either.

Let’s look at some of the truly strange, eerie ways the rich and powerful have protected themselves from crisis…

1. Major Corporation Hoarding Gold and Silver in Desert Compound

Major online retailer Overstock.com is reportedly storing $10 million worth of gold, along with a supply of food, at a secret underground location somewhere in the desert.

Their hidden gold and food reserve is somewhere in the Utah desert

Their hidden gold and food reserve is somewhere in the Utah desert

Says Overstock CEO: “I want a system that can survive a three month freeze…we want to be able to survive a shutdown of the banking system… In a deep sense, I do not trust the central banks…”

2. Ideal Suburban Home Sits Under Fake Underground Sky

It’s perhaps the ideal home. The sky is always a perfect pastel blue. The lawn a soft, perfectly manicured green, with palm trees in the yard.

At sunset, you sit out back by the pool to watch the vivid pinks and purples painted on the sky. You wonder how nature could possibly produce something so vivid and beautiful.

And that’s when you realize that it can’t. It’s all manmade. You are currently two stories underneath the earth.

Imagine something like this…but 26 ft. underground

Right above you, at 3970 Spencer Street, sits a mansion formerly owned by business magnate Girard Henderson, the man responsible for building this underground bunker, complete with fountains, a sauna, a grill, and even a small golf course.

3. Rich Turn Old Missile Silo Into Survival Community

The media loves to portray the folks it calls “preppers” as fringy backwoodsmen. But the truth is that those insuring themselves against a potential crisis are some of the wealthiest people in America.

And if you need proof of that look no further than Kansas, where an upscale subterranean shelter sold out so quickly they had to build a second one. Rich people are shelling out between 3 to 12 million for each unit. The shelter includes a movie theater, indoor pools, an underground classroom, hydroponic gardens, and top of the line appliances.

A silo like this is being built into a survival shelter for the rich

The site is a former missile silo. Owners include a New England Tobacco executive who told the Wall Street Journal he looks at it as a “life insurance policy.”

“There’s a Camp David for the President…” said a Florida restaurateur when asked why he bought a unit, explaining that he wanted the same level of protection for himself.

It’s a far cry from the bearded hermits presented on television. The people preparing for crisis are now among the most well-informed, and best connected of American society.

In just a moment you’ll see why we think we’re seeing this increase in crisis planning among the rich. It has to do with a 30 year study of the US economic system. One that is just now coming to an end.

(We’ll get to that in a moment – if you want to hear more about it right now, just click here...)

4. Shelters Being Built Outside of the Country

One of the biggest bunkers on this list is now being planned outside the US, in a heavily fortified military base built into a mountain. The value of the complex, once completed, will be at around $1.1 billion.

Complex hospital area - Photo courtesy of Vivos Command

Complex hospital area – Photo courtesy of Vivos Command

The common areas will house a nursery, a TV station, a zoo, a DNA vault and even an entire hospital, among other amenities.

5. Los Angeles Celebrities Secretly Planning for Crisis

That sports star you watched play last Sunday… the director who made your favorite movie… the politician you voted against in the last election…

Many of the most famous people in America are now paying millions for underground, protected living spaces.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, one company recently built a $10 million compound in Napa Valley for one Academy Award winner. The same company is now working on 3 million shelter for a sports celebrity in Southern California. A TV celebrity with his own show is also building an underground complex.

These underground shelters are built to feel like home for an extended stay

These underground shelters are built to feel like home for an extended stay

Some of the more expansive projects are those done by a company called S.A.F.E., including an underground replica of Universal City’s promenade for an East Coast developer. They can run north of $100 million dollars.

So why are hundreds of millions dollars now pouring into “insurance” for some kind of crisis event?

When working on these types of projects, parties involved are generally required to sign “non-disclosure agreements.” Thus, the specific identities of famous clientele cannot be revealed.

And even when asked, the tendency among those associated with these types of projects is to keep quiet about it for fear of judgement. As the wife of one upscale shelter owner told The Wall Street Journal: “at first it was a little taboo to talk about…”

But just because the elite don’t talk about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening…

And because of a video featuring a well-known New York Times best-selling author, we may finally have a hint about what these people are so afraid of…

6. Author Working on Strange Underground Structure; Warns Shortages Coming…

It looks like a hill from the nearest private road (it is not visible from public roads)

On an isolated farm in a rural part of the country, this author has been working on a strange underground structure.

A passerby would likely mistake it for a small hill. Yet under the earth is a concrete shell housing a living space that can accommodate several people.

But this man is no prepper or survivalist. If asked, he would scoff at the idea.

After all, besides being a three-time New York Times best-selling author, he is also a well-respected economist and media boss.

His work has received accolades from figures as Black Swan author, Nassim Taleb, and Congressman Ron Paul. He was an economic advisor to an entire country. One South American nation asked him to serve as their honorary consul.

Yet, he may have just “tilted his hand” so-to-speak.

A piece of the building sticks out from under the earth

Because an online video of him recently went viral – with over 2 million views.

In this video, he appears to predict a coming crisis that will start in the US economy, then spiral out into daily life…with shortages in fresh food and gasoline caused by a deep freeze in our money systems.

He expects Americans living in cities and suburbs will be hardest hit, followed by seniors and anyone who depends on investment income or keeps most of their wealth in US banks.

While his predictions seem outrageous, they are making a powerful impact on public discourse.

One long time banker commented: “I know how corrupt the system is…This has confirmed…my experiences over the past 20 years.”

Another said: “This information was really eye opening. It will help me make some serious adjustments to my lifestyle and future plans.”

And although some have found the video disturbing, one viewer commented: “It’s better to know and be prepared than having my head in the sand.”

You can see a short video about this man – and see his warning – right here…

We recommend you not wait (it will become obvious why…)

What People Are Saying About This Man’s Video:

“This information was really eye opening. It will help me make some serious adjustments to my lifestyle and future plans.” – Chris Filner

“It’s better to know and be prepared than having my head in the sand.” – Kevin Oppenheimer

“As a long-time career banker…I know how corrupt the system is…This has confirmed and reinforced what I’ve been reading and experiencing for the past 20 years.” – Sam Tripp