3 Eerie Facts about World War II (and a prediction that will leave you chilled)

The two German officers had had too much to drink. Now they were lost in an inky black night’s sky.

When their plane suddenly began a nosedive, perhaps they thought, “Please let this be German soil we’re hurtling towards.”

No luck. It was Holland…

…which was a problem because they were carrying battle plans for Hitler’s coming invasion.

The plans involved exotic strategies like flamethrowers, and using gliders to silently deliver troops behind enemy lines. It all seemed so improbable that the Dutch commanders refused to believe it.

Just weeks later, it all unfolded exactly as the plan had foretold. Germany occupied Holland.

Bunkers like these were burned out with flamethrowers

It seems incredible but almost every daring German offensive was known well beforehand. Yet, in every case, those in power refused to see what was right in front of them.

For example, a German deserter captured by the Russians gave up the plans to Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa.” Yet, the Russian commanders found the 1,800 mile wide offensive too improbable to believe. Weeks later, they were caught off guard by the largest invasion in history.

The German army crosses the Soviet border

But perhaps the most chilling warning of all came far earlier: before the war had even started.

The warning came from an analyst dispatched to Hitler’s Germany in 1938. In 1939 he delivered a sobering prediction: the worst conflict in history was about to begin.

He reported: “War is coming to Europe, but not until September at the earliest.”

On September 1, 1939, Hitler launched his attack on Poland. World War II had begun.

That analyst belonged to a group that soon became part of the largest underground news and research network in the world. One that would go on to predict large world shifts with shocking accuracy:

  • As early as 1987, this network predicted the fall of the Soviet Union
  • In 1989, they called the crash of the Japanese “miracle”
  • In the early 90s, they spoke out about the threat of radical Islamic terrorism
  • In the mid 2000s, they predicted the 2008 financial meltdown
  • Just months ago, they forecast Donald Trump’s improbable win

Right now, the founder of this network has just released his next shocking prediction. One that involves a coming change to American life… and an event not seen in nearly 200 years.

The warning will be sent to the White House on April 12th. But a copy has been leaked online – find out how to access it at this address.

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