112 Billionaires Buy Gold In a Frenzy Before Dec. 31


All over the news reports are coming in about billionaires buying gold in droves.

George Soros invested $475 million in Barrick Gold, and took home TWICE that amount. His former partner, Stanley Druckenmiller, piled $323 million into gold investments. John Paulson, famous for shorting the housing market in 2007, made another bet on gold — with a $900 million investment.

But the media is reporting only a tiny fraction of the story…

Right now 112 unknown billionaires are positioning themselves to enter the gold market, overnight.

By December 31, an unusual event could send these big money titans on an unprecedented buying spree.

And the money at stake is breathtaking…

On that single day, a total of $3 TRILLION is projected to send the gold price vertical.

Which is why, according to gold price forecasting firm Casey Research, it could be the last day gold trades under $5,000.

They also say they’ve identified the most lucrative way to play this imminent event.

One that gives everyday Americans a significant advantage over these billionaires.

“This kind of gold trade has historically surged as much as 27-times higher than gold,” says Casey Research’s Senior Analyst E.B. Tucker, “But the real opportunity is that billionaires aren’t allowed to buy these kind of gold trades, so ONLY everyday Americans can get rich when the gold price climbs.”

In fact, Casey Research founder Doug Casey – who has accurately predicted every major gold move in the last 50 years – says this development could “create a whole new class of millionaires”.

He says this because it’s happened before and it’s even happened to him personally.

Casey used this trade himself to build his own independent wealth going back to 1970. He hasn’t enjoyed the rewards alone though. Over the years, he has built a large base of followers who’ve seen the opportunity to make millions – again and again – just by following his recommendations.

Casey Research has just compiled their research on this gold trade into an urgent new presentation.

In it they reveal why this coming development could send gold to $5,000 within a matter of months. And why billionaires worldwide are positioning themselves to buy gold hand over fist.

They also share the details on the gold trade that could turn every $10,000 invested into $1 million. How everyday Americans can make this move for absolute fortunes.  And why they MUST move before December 31, if they want to see these life-changing profits.